Zimmer Hip Settlement May Be Imminent

Charles Pulikowski | January 17th, 2012 | Posted in Zimmer Hip Lawsuits

Zimmer Inc. is in the news again, this time for its Trilogy Acetabular Hip System. In 2008, a recall of the Zimmer hip implant was made for a similar device, the Metasul Durom Cup – a metal-on-metal hip replacement known to fail, causing pain and metallosis (metal poisoning) in affected patients. On October 20, 2011, Tina Muetz filed suit in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota, where a judge will determine if the device maker is responsible for another faulty product.

Device Led to Patient Pain and Suffering

Muetz, a 34-year old surgical technician, had led an active lifestyle until hip pain caused loss of mobility. In July 2009, Muetz received the Trilogy Acetabular Hip System, a hip replacement designed to restore mobility and improve quality of life. The patient hoped soon to return to her favorite outdoor activities, which included hiking and fishing.

Six months after her surgery, in January 2010, Muetz suffered her first dislocated hip. Over the course of the next four months, she experienced five more dislocations, which led to “incredible suffering and trauma.” After months of debilitating pain, Muetz was forced to quit her job and check into the hospital on several occasions. Just 14 months after receiving her hip implant, on September 29, 2010, Muetz found herself in the hospital again, this time for total revision of the Zimmer hip and new device implantation.

After removing Muetz’s Trilogy Acetabular Hip System, her doctor commented that “the polyethylene liner of the acetabulum had fractured… and when the ball would come in contact … it would dislocate.” Muetz’s months of pain, frustration and medical issues were the result of a faulty device.

Muetz Alleges Zimmer Exhibited Wanton Negligence

The plaintiff’s lawyer call’s the Trilogy Acetabular Hip System label “misleading and inaccurate,” and accuses the device manufacturer of “careless, reckless and wanton” negligence. According to the lawsuit, they failed to inform the public, especially healthcare providers and their patients, of “the true risks of their hip system.”

In the past, the device maker has settled Zimmer hip lawsuits out of court. If they choose to go to trial in the Muetz case, the plaintiff will ask the court for actual and punitive damages relating to her suffering, as well as compensation for emotional damages. Muetz also seeks lost wages, future earnings, court costs and attorney fees.

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